Thursday, April 29

For the ♥ of broccoli

Recently we were at Red Robin. Brett always orders mac & cheese with melon. Lately he's become bored with eating mac & cheese every time we go out to eat so he ordered the pizza. When he was asked what side he wanted, he said "steamed broccoli" much to our surprise!  

Last week we had chicken broccoli lo mein for dinner. He ate all of his broccoli first and then said "Mom, you should  buy one of those things that keeps hot foods hot and cold foods cold (thermos) so you can put broccoli in it and I will take it to school."  I could probably do that but I'm not sure how good it would be! (He won't eat it raw).

On the other hand, we had carrot sticks with dinner last night. I said "Everyone needs to make an effort to eat their carrots tonight" taking a handful for myself. Damon puts two on Brett's plate and two for himself..."Two?"  "They're kinda hard to chew."  Ok, I guess I cook them from now on so they'll get eaten.  *sigh*

Do you see a pattern here?

I put Brett's winter clothes in the drawers and his summer things in the closet. I realized Brett has 8 pairs of plaid or patchwork shorts. Ok, I will lay off the plaid!!  I love it though, they're so cute on him.  I just got him the shirt below too {it's cuter in person.} Brett says he doesn't like it and that it's a "baby shirt". He will wear it though & it should fit for 2 years, it's so big!  I think he just remembers a shirt he used to have so he thinks these are for little boys.  It's still fun to buy him clothes ~ for a little while anyway.

1st Grade Geometry

This is what 1st grade geometry looks like. I'm so glad there's better methods of teaching math than when we were in school!

Tuesday, April 27

Lug a Jug

It's really just the simplest things kids love!  I learned about this at an Active Play training last month.  Fill empty jugs with water & tape the lids shut for the kids to play with. They can haul them around and they use them very creatively in play.  It's an idea from the Active Play! book/CD.  They actually showed the kids pulling a jug with a short rope or a nylon tied to the handle.  It's about getting kids to use their muscles and be active while they play.  I really want to get the book - this is one area I could use more ideas in.  Some of her other books are Moving With a Purpose and Purposeful Play. The activities presented involve minimal cost.  We were encouraged to aim for 60 minutes of activity with the kids each day - not just outside play - organized activity to get their heart rates up. It's not as easy as it sounds to fit that in during the day along with everything else at day care!


  • Save me from the cake!!  I'll send the 1/2 that's left home with the family who takes Brett to school.  We just don't need that much cake for ourselves.  They have 4 kids & will eat whatever I send them as far as I know!
  • Two more assignments to finish up my class. I wanted to finish it Saturday, but I made a big dent in it and I really don't need the 50 extra credit points anyway. 25 will be enough!
  • We're back at the vet with Stormy. We've been dealing with feline herpes (kitty cold virus) and loose stools for....ever since we got him.  It's nonstop with both.  I have a good idea of what it might from the research I've done so we'll test for that next, hopefully yet this week. If that's what it is, there is a treatment available but it's not FDA approved. I'm not sure what the vet will suggest if that's the case (I forgot to ask). We have ruled out leukemia at least.  In the mean time we've found out Stormy loves canned pumpkin and it really helps cut down on the mess!  He's added so much to our lives that I can't say he hasn't been worth it.
  • Brett's Gymboree order arrived today! What cute stuff!  Thanks Grandma R. for your part in earning the Gymbucks that I applied to the order. 
  • We've been learning about the desert this month. One day the topic was rattlesnakes. We learned lots of facts including what to do if you're bit by a rattlesnake (on a YouTube video). If bit on the arm or hand, you're supposed to keep it down so it doesn't spread throughout the body (my understanding). My one little-smarty-3 year-old went home and told this to her Mommy & Grandma. Grandma said "3 year olds know everything these days!"  Awesome, I love it!!  LOL

Monday, April 26

Bathroom Update

I think I'm done with the bathroom...for now anyway.  I am always changing things but for now, this is what we've got. I wanted that shelf high but maybe the whole thing could have come down a bit. Plus everything has to be out of reach of little hands.  I don't mind it that way though, I think I'll look for something else to go underneath the picture. I'm a space filler!  The basket may or may not stay - actually there's a different one there already.  There's also an area over the door that I could find something for or not.  I'm very happy with the change!


I don't know how to use Photoshop very well, obviously. Ok, not really at all! Somehow I managed to get this!  LOL It's two pictures combined but kind of interesting what resulted.  I just thought it was funny.

Friday, April 23

Stormy Goes for a Ride

I just love that Stormy is so willing to do this. He seems to enjoy it! I think what he likes is being in the small space. He gets lots of rides and is cool with it!  I won't make a habit of using pictures from my Blackberry as they're just not that great of quality but it sure is handy to use!

Thursday, April 22

More Spring Projects

Since the kids are so excited about the frog we did a few frog activities: Life cycle of a frog
& frog stories - I love to have the kids "write stories". It's quick & easy and so cute!
Handprint lambs - some of them kind of have scary faces! LOL

Ducks with feathers
Earth day poem/song 
(Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)
(from The Mailbox)
Our big earth is really great!
Now it's time to celebrate.
Think of all the things that we can do
To keep our water clean and blue.
Help our land stay bright and green. 
Let's not litter-keep Earth clean!

My Little Tree Huggers

Why do I do this to myself???

Tomato sauce (over ravioli) AND cornbread x 8 on the same day?? 

Have you seen this?

I found this quite a while ago but thought of it again and decided I would post it in case you haven't.  Make sure you resize your pictures & consider watermarking them!  I also have all my Facebook pictures marked (all my info actually) "Friends Only".  It's a crazy world we live in!

Stolen picture: Extraordinary Mommy
Really I find this fascinating. Glad it wasn't my picture though!

Happy Earth Day!

Just a Daydream


Last night we made popcorn & Brett wanted me to make a video for Uncle Keith.  Uncle Keith loves popcorn and believes this is the best way to make it.

Wednesday, April 21


The day care kids "taught Booker a trick", to jump through the tambourine.  They're so smart! Stormy's interested when the frog hops!

I thought these pictures were cute too.

Brett's Spring School Picture

School pictures came home today.  They turned out nice, I think I'll buy some.  I know I don't *need* more pictures of my child but that's OK.  I had a lady here for a day care interview and she said "You have all pictures of your son in here."  Yep. And if I had 5 kids I'd have pictures of all of them out.  I do have everyone in our family represented in the pictures in the living room so it's not just him.  When he was a baby I thought I took a lot of pictures of him but looking back, there's never as many as you think. Ok, maybe there is! LOL

I guess I didn't share his fall picture. We missed picture day at registration (we were on vacation) and I forgot about retake day so he ended up wearing a WI shirt.  It's still cute and we have a copy on the class picture.  Maybe on his 2nd grade picture he will have a toothless grin. He hasn't lost a tooth yet at 7 1/2 yrs!