Friday, July 30


One of the kids brought me this note today after a rough day on Wednesday. There was a lack of listening, a broken toy and a bounce on the bed that resulted with a bloody nose.  I was rather upset with her but it isn't normal behavior from her ~ thankfully!  
"I'm sorry about those thing's that I did. Like stand on the Barbie house and break the crib Jump on the bed. I'm really sorry."
That does make it all better.
Here our poor cat is being tortured played with again. Brett was "making him walk" on his back legs, making sound effects and calling him "purr-a-sar-ous rex". It was funny!

Thursday, July 29


It's our 15th wedding anniversary today. It's hard to believe that many years has gone by already!  We "met" at the end of May 1993, were engaged in February 1994, both graduated from college May 1995, I moved my stuff to MI & married on July 29, 1995.  1993-1995 were definitely two of the best years of our lives!

Most of the night

Stormy slept by me for 6 hours last night! I woke up and we were both in the same position as when we fell asleep! What a love!

Tuesday, July 27

Riding Bike

Brett needs to practice riding his bike. He can do it but he doesn't get much chance to.  We don't have sidewalks on our street and our driveway is a bit sloped so it isn't good for bike riding.  We don't feel good about him riding in the street (although lots of neighbor kids do). 

I don't know, after being with another family recently, I thought: maybe I'm just too protective (but I felt panicky the whole time!) Maybe it's because I have one child or because I'm a control freak. I can't see him in the front of the house so he always plays in the backyard.  He rarely has ever / maybe never even had a scraped knee for goodness sake (playing on grass all the time)!!  Or maybe because I have day care in my home so my constant thought is for safety.  

Either way, Brett has little opportunity to bike ride. We live near a great bike trail but if we go out there, he needs to be moving and in control of his bike. Plus we ride a long ways once we get out there so he always rides on the tagalong bike.  

So for him to practice we went down to a new area where there's no houses built yet or traffic. He had a great time! He just needs practice getting on, stopping and confidence.  I want him to *love* to ride his bike like he should. We're almost there!

Pictures from last night

It was a beautiful evening!

Monday, July 26

Stormy Update

Stormy's been sleeping downstairs for hours. Brett put him here of course.  Stitches come out on Friday!  He's gotten more used to the cone but he loves it when we take it off.  He has removed this collar but it's more difficult so he hasn't been quite as successful.  He's very healthy and back to his snuggly self!

Brett's Hook

Brett has always liked hooks. He spots them on tow trucks and where ever they might be.  He has this one from a toy that he plays with. This is what he rigged up and the day care kids thought it was just great. This is a silly little video of the kinds of stuff Brett does! He had already shown it to me so it was Dad's turn to see it.

Friday, July 23

Baseball with Grandpa

Shanda sent these pictures she took when we were all together at Mom & Dad's last - Mother's Day I believe?  Cute pictures of Brett and Grandpa playing ball!  Brett is looking forward to visiting them the first week of August.

Time for a Walk

After all the rain yesterday and again this morning, the kids were very active this morning and it didn't look like  things were going to calm down anytime soon. So before lunch we went for a walk. Just around the block - it's a long block. Our street doesn't have sidewalks but this group is old enough to listen. I should have worn my running shoes. They ran the whole way!
Stopped to look down the drain.  Running rain water sounds like...well, you can guess what 3-7 year olds were thinking!

Run, run, run!

Then back home for "breakfast for lunch"!
Then things dried up and we were able to play outside after all. In the front where it's not muddy anyway. Hot & steamy afternoon!  Happy Friday everyone!

Cinnamon & Sugar Tortilla Chips

Brush melted butter on both sides of a flour tortilla. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Cut into triangles with a pizza cutter. Broil for a few minutes. 

Yummy!  We needed something different for snack today so this is what I came up with. 

More rainy day fun:  Button, Button, Where's the Button?  When we were kids we always played it on the steps. Players sit on the step and the person who's "it" holds a button in one fist. The players individually guess which hand it's in. If right, the guesser gets to move down a step. First one to the bottom wins! 

Anyone else play that game?  

Thursday, July 22

Swimming at Mom & Dad's

Last weekend

Cherry Limeade

We enjoyed this with BLT's and corn-on-the-cob. Perfect for summer!  It's a little tart but my boys like it that way so no complaints.
  • ⅔ cups Sugar
  • ⅔ cups Water
  • ½ cups Lime Juice (approximately 4 1/2 Limes; Use The Remainder Of Limes For Garnish)
  • 1-½ cup Pure Cherry Juice (no Sweeteners Added)
  • 2 cups Club Soda

Begin by dissolving the sugar in the water over medium heat to create a simple syrup. Set aside when done to let cool completely.
While the simple syrup is cooling, juice the limes.
When the simple syrup has cooled, pour that in a pitcher. Add the lime juice, cherry juice and club soda. (Do not add the club soda until ready to serve.)
Stir all together to combine well and serve immediately over crushed ice or cover and refrigerate.

Day Care Closet

This closet & changing table has needed attention for a while.  Damon painted it for me and I rearranged and organized   it.  Moving the changing table to the closet has really opened up some space in the bedroom! I like it so much better.

Smaller than I originally envisioned but it works - I may change it out for something larger. Inexpensive & easy anyway - I covered two canvases with scrapbook paper and added ribbon trim. I couldn't find any other embellishments so I'll leave it like this for now.

Wednesday, July 21


When we got home from camping
The first time we left Stormy by himself for 4 days.

A Little Surprise

I won this key fob from MaryJanes and Galoshes & Brooks Boutique! I like it, thanks!

Tuesday, July 20


I liked this sign we saw in Baraboo (when we were up camping) at a reupholster business:

Monday, July 19

Spunky Stormy

Stormy removing his e-collar. Naughty kitty. This is why we love him so much. He's so cute & tons of personality! Little bugger is lucky to be alive so now we are trying to keep him from wrecking his stitches.

Stormy Nap

Our patient is resting comfortably. Brett "put him down for a nap" at day care nap time on his bed, wrapped in his Thomas blanket. Stormy really is out like a light here.

Old Family Recipe

It's called Huldutch or Goulash, depending on who's house you're at. It's unusual but yummy! Damon and I ate almost all of it yesterday for lunch....  Brett liked it too, he said. It grows on you...
  • 8 med potatoes
  • 6 eggs
  • 1/2 lb bacon
  • leaf lettce (lots)
  • 3/4 c cider vinegar
Peel & boil potatoes. Mash but do not add milk.  Hard boil eggs, peel and slice. Cut bacon in small pieces and fry out. Add vinegar to hot bacon drippings and heat. Put all ingredients in a large bowl and toss with dressing (just before serving).  Extra dressing can be added at the table.  All ingredient amounts can be adjusted.

Our family cookbook says "Mom (my Grandma) and the Aunts used to get together to wallpaper Grandma's house and make a big dishpan full."

Friday, July 16

Stormy's Surgery Update

Stormy had surgery on Thursday morning after having a 3rd urinary blockage. We were given assistance through Badger Animal Fund to cover expenses which is amazing. We will certainly make donations in the future. This cat has not been inexpensive especially the last few months! Surgery went well and now he has to wear this collar to protect his stitches for 2 full long weeks.
Needless to say, he's not impressed!   In the picture above you may be able to see the spot on on his side that is shaved & he has a couple of stitches where that scab was (don't know where it came from). The Dr. wanted to take care of it so it will be a non-issue in the future.  He looks pretty rough!

He can't eat or drink with the collar on so we have to supervise him while he eats. He's been trying to groom through the collar. The vet said even a few licks could wreck the stitches so he WILL wear the collar for the full 2 weeks. The incision turns my stomach. It's amazing he's so peppy after going through that.

When he got home he was very energetic and cruising around, trying everything out. He doesn't fit in most places with the collar on and exhausted himself. Finally he plopped down here and went to sleep.  Poor baby!

My brain doesn't work this way

When we had our garage sale last month, Damon found his old graphing calculator from college. He sold it for $5 or so.  Tucked inside the case was this note card "cheat sheet" that we saved.  He said it's from Economics and he doesn't even know what it means any more.  I can't imagine *ever* understanding what it meant!! On the back are notes from when we bought the Camaro in 1995.  It looked like a huge payment then but not so much anymore!

Playing House

Yesterday after water play, these three all quietly rested on the bed with comic books (without prompting) which then turned into playing house.  The kiddo on the left, she's the hamster. (Her hair was braided by the other girl!)  The one on the bed is the mom (well of course, she's the one not doing anything!) and there's Brett, the baby in the crib.  It was very funny to see him with a paci in his mouth crawling on the floor. He knows I've kept his baby one in his top dresser drawer. He *refused* to let me take a picture though.  I love when they're so involved in play!
Little brother was playing too. Wow, that is one big baby to have sitting on your lap! lol

Bottom of the Barrel Snack Mix

It's always a favorite.